Top 10 Chrome Extensions to Supercharge Notion

Have you ever wondered how to customize your Notion workspace? Perhaps, you’re a researcher and want to leverage Notion in your workflow? Or maybe you’re a geek like me and love to make the most out of this all-in-one workspace app. Here is the deal. You give me your time and I will give you […]

How to Make Advanced Columns in Notion (Nested and Toggle Columns)

Have you ever tried to put two tables side by side in Notion? And, wonder why you can’t do that? Maybe you’re trying to make two columns inside another column. But, you end up with only one. Or, you just want to add multiple columns inside a toggle menu. Do you know how to do […]

Does Notion Support Apple Pencil? (New Feature)

Do you love to use the Apple Pencil for taking notes on your iPad? How about Notion? Do you think you can accomplish the same thing? Or, do you want to draw something inside your Notion workspace? Well, my friend. You can certainly do both of them. In this blog post, I am going to […]

Notion Charts – Top 3 Ways to Visualize Data in Notion?

Suppose you’re running a business. And, you need to show some charts or graphs to your clients. Can you do that in Notion? Or maybe you need to see how your sales are progressing each month. Or perhaps, you want to turn your Google sheet data into a beautiful chart and show them on your […]

How to Change Font in Notion? (Any Font!)

How much can you customize your Notion workspace? You can add tables, lists, images, etc. You can move them, resize them, and even connect with other apps. But can you change the font? Of course, you can choose among the 3 styles that are already given. But can you use the fonts you love? No, […]

7 Best Notion Alternatives (Open-Source and Secure)

Why would anyone look for Notion alternatives? It’s a great app, right? Suppose, let’s say, you need to access information in Notion but there is no internet connection. And now, Notion can’t operate with its top Chrome extensions. Or maybe you don’t want to put any confidential data or media in the Notion as it’s […]

Notion Icons – 7 Resources to Cover All Your Needs!

Icons can change the entire look of your Notion workspace. They can make it peaceful or make it messy. It all depends on the choice of icons. Of course, you can use Notion’s built-in emojis as icons. But those can be limiting, and in most cases, may not suit your taste. Pro Tip: You can […]

How to Draw in Notion (Without iPad!)

Can you draw in Notion? The common answer is, “No, you can’t.” But, what if I tell you the opposite? What if I tell you that you can indeed draw in Notion? And, you don’t need an iPad to do that. In this post, I am going to show you a simple way by which […]

Notion Web Clippers – 4 Tools for Pros!

Have you always used the Pocket app to save articles? But, you wanted to save them in Notion. . Or, would you just want to save a certain portion of an article? Or maybe, you just want to bookmark the links in your Notion workspace, not the website content. Or, do you want a way […]

Is Notion Really Free? What’s the Catch?

Is Notion really a free tool? What are the hidden limitations? Let’s find out. Notion comes with three plans: Personal  Personal Pro  Team  Enterprise As of writing this blog post, this is their pricing description. Their Personal plan is completely free for the public. Even their API access! Even their Personal Pro plan is free […]