Is Notion Encrypted – Everything You Need to Know

Is Notion encrypted? According to Notion’s security page, they use TLS 1.2 to encrypt network traffic between users’ browsers and the Notion platform. Also, they use AES-256 bit encryption for storing database credentials. But they don’t use end-to-end encryption when storing the data. Because according to Notion, E2E encryption would make search functionality even slower […]

Rate Limit Reached – Why Notion Tells You This?

Is Notion saying “Rate limit reached, please try again later.”? In cases of large content, this message is typically seen by developers, but can also be seen by frontend users. Notion FAQ explains this: “This error means that you’ve hit our duplication rate limit — right now you can only duplicate 20,000 blocks per hour. […]

How to Print a Page in Notion?

Notion doesn’t come with inbuilt print functionality. So, it means you can’t print directly from Notion. But, you can easily print out your Notion page using the print as a webpage feature or export PDF functionality. Along with these, there are also various ways to print Notion pages. Print Notion as a Webpage You can […]

Recurring Tasks in Notion: 2 Easy-Peasy Ways

What’s the one thing that you can’t do in Notion? Well, there may be many things. But, there is one thing that you really need but you can’t do that in Notion. Do you know what it is? It’s a Recurring task. By default, Notion doesn’t allow you to create recurring tasks like you can […]

Notion Gantt Chart – 3 Ways!

Love the Gantt Chart from other project management apps? Or, maybe you want to use the new timeline view with your current Notion workflow? Perhaps you may be wondering if the timeline view is the right feature for you. Whatever your query is, if it’s something related to the Notion timeline feature, you shouldn’t miss […]

How to Divide Page Vertically in Notion?

Do you know how to add a Divider in Notion? The horizontal separation line between blocks? I’m pretty sure you can do that. But can you add a Vertical divider in Notion? Of course, you can add as many columns as you want. But what if you want to add a visible line between columns? […]

How to Open all Toggles in Notion?

The sheer amount of features that Notion has can make the workspace quite messy. But the Toggle block can clean up the mess. You can keep various blocks inside Toggles and make the workspace cleaner and minimal. But if you overuse it, it can lead to another problem. You will have quite a number of […]

How to Delete Notion Account and Flush Data?

Are you concerned about the security of Notion? Maybe you’re frustrated at the fact that Notion doesn’t have end-to-end encryption. And, you want to delete your Notion account and all of its data. Well, it’s quite normal to be concerned about your privacy. After all, you’re using Notion to store your data. And, some data […]

Top 3 Notion Templates for Writers

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably looking for ways to leverage Notion into your writing. But, how can you use Notion to improve both the craft and the workflow? Through database and templatization.  Let me explain. Let’s say you’re a blogger and you write articles. You can create a database where you can store […]

Top 10 Chrome Extensions to Supercharge Notion

Have you ever wondered how to customize your Notion workspace? Perhaps, you’re a researcher and want to leverage Notion in your workflow? Or maybe you’re a geek like me and love to make the most out of this all-in-one workspace app. Here is the deal. You give me your time and I will give you […]