Weekly agenda

By Marie Poulin
Starting your week with a set plan helps you get things done and achieve your long-term goals. And, this is what this weekly planner template sets out to do for you. Before starting your work week, sit down on a Sunday afternoon and fill out things you need to get done within the next week. It will help you stay on top of your week-to-week work and schedules.


There are two main parts to this tracker: one is the week's agenda tracker, and the other is a weekly habit tracker.

Every workday of the week will be assigned some day-to-day tasks and, some day-specific tasks. It will help you do work in batches which means being more efficient. For example, if you are a freelancer, you can work Mondays on client reporting, Tuesdays on sales outreaches, Wednesdays on client project executions, and so on. Feel free to customize the day-to-day schedule of each week according to your requirements and comfort level.

The second part of the tracker is a habit tracker. In the habit tracker, you will be automatically updated, with the day-to-day habits you had followed on throughout the week. Both databases: "week's agenda" and "habit tracker" are related to each other.

You can also take notes on various aspects of your week. These notes can be around your week's reflection, how was your mood throughout the week, what you learned, what things or tasks you got done, and so on.

This template is ideal for freelancers, students, and working professionals.