Ultimate Tasks for Notion

A really impressive tasks management template that allows you to create multiple tasks and also link them up with projects using relations. There's also an option for you to archive your "Daily task cards". The template needs more features for me to recommend it fully. Read on for more information.


This template allows you to manage your projects as well as your daily tasks. You can link up your projects as well as tasks amongst each other for tracking your progress with your habit.

For every project, there's a "New Project" template that pre-populates the tasks associated with that project inside the project page.

You also have various views for today, tomorrow, and 7 days to get an idea about what's coming up.

It also has a separate archiving mechanism to log your tasks in "Archive". I felt it unnecessary as you can anyhow make use of filters to resurface fresh tasks and keep things lean.

I really hope that they would have implemented the project progress bar using a formula that I personally use in my Notion system.