Trip itinerary

This template allows you to organize travel details, such as a packing list, flight itineraries, hotel contacts, and hotel information (such as an address, website, time of check-in, and ways to contact) in one convenient location.


This template eliminates the need for you to go through multiple websites and apps to get all of the information you need by providing a central hub of your trip-planning needs. It contains your packing list, flight itineraries, hotel details, and even contact info.

If you're on a group trip, this is the hub for all things related to group travel. Whether you're looking for destination ideas, what to pack, how to prepare, where to stay, or what to do if you get sick - you’ve got everything laid out for you in one place.

It's also possible to get weather reports of the exact location you're visiting so that people will be better equipped to plan their day.