Thomas Frank’s Note-Taking System

This Notion template is for note-taking. Now, you may be asking can it outdo other simple note-taking apps like Evernote, Apple notes on iPhone, and more? The answer is a big yes! Productivity guru Thomas Frank has designed this template keeping in mind easy phone usability on the Notion app. So, you can finally say with confidence that your life runs on Notion. See the overview for further details about this note-taking Notion template.


Inside this template, the first thing you will come across is something called "Notebooks." Each notebook is a category of notes, so these can be work, business, workout, social life, books, etc. You can customize each notebook's name to suit your category needs.

Each notebook itself is a Notion database, where you can add each item as a note. You can further sub-categorize these notes and assign a status to them(such as open, archived, urgent) depending on how relevant the "notes" are to your current life situation and activities. Again, this is a neat way to make quick notes about various life areas and retrieve them when needed.

Next, there is also an "Inbox" section inside the template, where you can make a quick capture of notes and later assign them to relevant notebooks when you have time on hand.

There is also a nifty little feature in the template called "Status Dashboard." It will help you keep track of the status of your notes across different notebooks(think categories or life areas). You can even assign reminders to your "notes" and stay updated with them through the Status Dashboard.

This an intuitive note-taking system, and is easy to follow. And, it is suitable for anyone from any walk of life, be it a working profession, student, and so on. I will highly recommend following this note-taking system for a more organized life.