The Daily Log [Template]

The daily log template is a quick way to note down your day-to-day activities under different life areas such as work, daily journaling, workout, health, and so on. You can add life areas as per your desire. This is an ideal fit for anyone who believes that achieving long-term goals starts by sticking to your daily routine.


This daily log is divided into four life areas which are life/social, workouts, daily journal, and workout routine.

The life section is where you can write your current daily mood and the events and people that induced those moods. It will help you keep a check on your daily mood fluctuations and eliminate events, instances, people, and life choices that harm your mood.

The second section is workouts. In this section, you can keep track of exercises you are doing daily and further details. It will help you inculcate a daily workout routine and make you feel motivated to work.

The third section is journaling. In this section, you can do daily journaling for more mental clarity. Each day's journaling page has headers such as morning routine, gratitude, what made you feel good that day, what you achieved during the day, and so on. It gives you a healthy perspective on daily life instead of making it boring to get through.

The last section is the work log. In this section, you can outline what work you have to do on a given day, the deadlines, and things you actually got done.

I'd highly recommend using this daily template, to stay balanced with life and work.