Subscription tracker

By Julian Lehr
The world is fast moving towards subscription-based pricing. Many of the products and services we consume daily in the 21st century are chargeable on a pay-as-you-go basis. Do not let subscriptions bog down your finances. Now you can use this subscription tracker in Notion to keep track of the subscriptions you pay on an ongoing basis. It will help you stay on top of your monthly expenses. This is an ideal template for anyone who is not living under a rock. 😉


Inside this "Subscription tracker" Notion template is a database of all the subscriptions you are paying for. You can add one subscription that you pay for in each row. Then you can assign a status to these subscriptions like whether they are active or canceled.

You can also categorize the subscriptions you pay for using tags as headers, such as entertainment, productivity, health, and so on. You can invent new category tags based on your needs.

You can also set a renewal date for each of your subscriptions so that you don't miss out on paying for them or get an alert to see if you need them anymore or not. The renewal date column is set to alert, and it will notify you as soon as you come close to the renewal date of any of your subscriptions.

You can input how much money you are paying for each subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. It will help you stay on top of your subscription-based expenses. It can be helpful to manage your budgets better and cancel out those subscriptions which aren't required or of no value anymore.