Student Spaced Repetition

Really good Spaced Repetition system if you are a student or want to incorporate spaced repetition to your knowledge base (at the personal or organizational level). As you keep ticking the reps checkboxes, the next rep date will be changed in increasing order of time - to help you remember better and flatten the forgetting curve.


This Notion template provides a means for adding spaced repetition in a structured way to your notes. All you need is to check the "rep" checkboxes on each rep, and the "Next review" date will be auto-updated. Thus the note resurfaces the right date for your review.

Spaced repetition is a proven learning technique for maximum memory. It involves learning something spaced out with regular breaks in between each time you learn it. In short, the more often you memorize something, the more likely you are to retain that information.

They have a "Reps Calendar" that helps you get a macro-view of things you need to memorize over time.

How many times have you read a piece of information, bookmarked it somewhere, and lost the bookmark or the note? By maintaining spaced repetition systems, you don't need to worry about this.

You can use this template to memorize anything you want: vocabulary from your foreign language studies; poem; text; or even new cool Notion tricks (shameless plug).