Gone are the days of handing out paper resumes. As the world moves even faster towards the digital and remote working culture, it's essential for a lot of processes like a resume for job application to embrace the shift. This Notion template works as a simple resume that is not only neatly organized but could work your way in charming new employers.


Creating a resume for a job application can be a daunting task since you are ambiguous about how your prospective employers will perceive your job application. But with this simple-to-follow resume Notion template, you can be sure of playing it safe as well as impressing your employers.

Like any typical resume, this template is a one-pager. It starts with a brief bio of yourself and your goals, then next up is your contact info section. The former is followed by a "work experience" section wherein you can input your different industry and job experiences under appropriate headings.

Lastly, you can highlight your key skill areas, education, and any reference materials such as articles/publications you wrote, case studies, testimonials, references, and so on.

You can build upon this basic template and add more details as per your requirements. Then you can easily make this Notion page available through a public link and send it with your job application. Happy Applying!