Resonance Calendar

By Ali Abdaal
A great template to keep track of information that resonated with you, that you likely need to refer back in the future. If you're a student, avid reader, content creator, this is for you.


This template allows you to keep a note of all the information that resonated with you, making it easier for you to revise the information as and when needed (particularly when combined with spaced repetition systems that I do). On top of that, it helps you build your own knowledge base and comes in handy when you're writing blog posts, essays, video outlines, or coming up with new ideas in general.

It also comes with options for you to choose the content type and as well as tags for easier discoverability.

You just need to clip the content you find interesting online using Notion Web Clipper or other unofficial web clippers to add more context to your clippings.