Reading List

With this dashboard, you'll be able to keep track of everything you'd like to read, including articles, videos, podcasts, blog posts, Twitter threads, and yes, books, too. With Notion Web Clipper, you can easily save any of this from the web to your Notion workspace so it's right there whenever you need it.


This template allows you to do personal knowledge management. It is a special type of knowledge management that helps people organize their own life experiences in an easily retrievable way.

How many times have you bookmarked an article to read, only to forget it? Prevent this with this template.

This dashboard will help you keep track of all of your books, articles, podcasts, and videos in one place. Each media type is available on its own view based on the Type property which is set for each entry. You can sort these views by status, author, type, or publisher and even rate them from 1-5 stars.

You can even build upon this template and may implement spaced repetition system and progressive summarization on top of it for the enhanced learning experience.