Public Roadmap

By Created by people behind Kanban Mail
The "Public Roadmap" Notion template is from the creators of Kanban mail. Needless, to say they are big fans of the Kanban system. So, if you are working on a SaaS product or any other digital product, you can use this template to keep track of the following: 1. future feature launches, 2. take feature suggestions from users and 3. in general showcase how your product's roadmap looks like into the near future.


This Kanban-style template/board is divided into 4 panels: "To-do", "Up-Next", "In-Progress" and "Done."

As a product owner, you can assign upcoming features in the "To-do" section, soon-to-be-launched features in the Up-Next panel, and features that are currently under work in the In-Progress panel.

You can assign already built and launched features in the "Done" section.

This template will work as a great mechanism to keep your product's power users updated with the feature's progress and future launches.

This template is quite helpful for SaaS product owners, digital content and course creators, and anyone that sells digital products online for a living.

Your users can even comment on features, add on features by commenting and suggest updates. (If they are a notion user as well or by signing up for it.)