People HQ – CRM

Really impressive database for managing contacts and your relationships with people. You can add people's contact details, the area of interest, contact dates, birthdays, so that you'll be reminded, etc.


This template is like a personal CRM for the people or friends that you know. If you have been managing people's business cards in systems like Evernote you will absolutely love this database.

Along with enabling you to create profiles of the people it also lets you manage the contact details, contact dates, birthdays so that you can easily manage your relations.

You can easily take this database to the next level by linking it to your projects and task database so that you will get access to the right people when working on relevant domains in your life.

Another creative idea is to upload people's images and make use of this database as spaced repetition system for remembering the faces of the people. How cool is that?

If you already have a holistic system built on Notion, then you will soon realize that the People HQ database is the missing piece in the puzzle.