Notion Habit Tracking W/ Analytics Red Gregory

A simple but effective template that helps you track your habits progress on a monthly & quarterly basis to stay motivated. It also comes with a daily habit tracker journal to log your habits and track them daily.


An effective habit tracking template to analyze how well are you cultivating new habits. Individuals who prefer gamifying their habit tracking will benefit most from it.

With this template, you can analyze your performance on a monthly and quarterly basis. You'll earn all stars when you complete all habits. This acts like a reward making you likely to repeat the behavior.

In addition, it features a daily habit journal to help you keep track of the habits you work on every day. You can skip any 2 habits on a particular weekend if you don't want to track them.

For example, on Saturday, if you wish to track only four habits out of six, you can calculate your progress only for the four habits you choose and ignore the remaining two.

It also comes with a board view to see the months in grids for aesthetics.