Job applications

By Notion Team
This "Job Applications" Notion template will make your job hunting process easy. It comes with a place to store your resume, cover letters, and any portfolio links. And it keeps track of the companies you have applied to for different job roles.


Have you been thinking of applying to a new job and going over 10s of different job postings in a day and, the applications you send over to these companies confuse you? Then this "Job applications" tracker can be of help.

First off, you can upload your resume in one place and even design a standard cover letter template for yourself. Keeping the resume handy here will be easy and having a templated cover letter will minimize your efforts in writing cover letters for different job applications. You can also feel free to link up this template page with your external work portfolio links.

Then comes the meat of this template which is the job applications tracker itself. It is a database where you can assign each line item to the company you are applying to, the respective job role, deadlines, job descriptions, and so on.

You can assign each of your job applications a status for more clarity on which application is a priority over others. You can toggle the view of the database to sort job applications by "status" and "deadlines."

Further, you can build more details on this template as per your requirements. For example, I'd love the functionality of writing POC(Person of contact) and their contact info against each job application.