Investments tracker

By Renan Greca
You can now better understand your money or financial investments in various financial securities and assets. This Notion template will be your go-to spot, to better understand your personal finances and liquidity. Duplicate this free template right away and start crunching numbers for a better financial sense.


Tracking your money investments can become quite a tedious task. And, to manage your personal finances and investments much better, I'd highly recommend using this Notion template for tracking.

It has a Notion table where each line item can be assigned a money investment that you had made. You can add your investment names(for example, shares of Amazon) and start adding more details about it. These details can be the date of investment, funds you allocated to the said investment, financial growth, or returns you have received from the investment so far(MoM or YoY).

In fact, add the capability to categorize my investments by type as well - feel free to build more features on this template.

The second table in this template will automatically show the returns your financial investments have generated so far.

The template also comes with a quick written tutorial guide which will help you breeze through the template and make full use of it.

Any working professional who needs to keep track of their financial investments can use this template.