Finances by Kely

By Kely Kachimareck
This finance notion template is ideal for individuals to keep track of all their income and expenses, and generate a monthly report showing their income and expenses. There are 3 pages in the template: Monthly Summary, Income, and Expenses. You can view your income and expense reports as a gallery and as a table view on the monthly summary page. Using the progress bar, you can track how close you are to reaching your budget amount.


Finances by Kely is a simple and easy-to-use template that allows individuals to maintain a record of their income, expenses, and transactions. It provides separate pages for Income, Expenses, and Monthly Summary.

Under the Income page, you can keep track of your monthly budget and income transactions. Relational databases like category, monthly summary, and budget are linked to this page.

Similarly, you can keep track of your monthly expenses and expense transactions under the expense page. On this page, relational databases like the budget and category are linked.