Exercise routine

By Ben Lang
If you have read James Clear's book called Atomic Habits, then you must know that habits get built when you track your progress - little by little. This exercise template is based on that conceptual knowledge and is a habit tracker for your weekly exercises.


There are two parts to this template: one is the habit tracker that tracks your daily exercise routine, and the other is a goal tracker which shows how close you are to hitting your weekly exercise goals.

In the habit tracker, you can list down all the exercises that you want to do in a week and on which days. Then after you're done working on an exercise routine, you can mark the checkbox against the respective exercise line item.

Exercises are a personal routine, and everyone does them differently depending on their goals and body built. That's why I'd recommend further building out this template according to your own needs.

The goal tracker measures how many reps of an exercise you're meant to do every week. Use this template to build a dependable exercise routine where you can track your performance and routine misses.