Employee Hiring System

This Notion template helps manage current hiring activities in your business. It makes use of 2 databases - one for open positions or job roles and the other to keep track of potential and incoming hires.


Let's say you are running a small but thriving online business and want to keep track of your hiring requirements and initiatives - then this "Employee hiring system" template will be helpful for you.

The whole hiring system template only uses two databases. The first database keeps track of open job roles within your business, and the other database keeps track of potential and incoming or onboarded new hires.

Both the "open roles" database and "incoming hires" database are using a relational function, and hence, you will have an easy time looking at your hiring requirements and how're they being fulfilled.

For the "incoming hires" database, you also can track your potential or new hires based on skills(proficiency) and also based on whether they are under-review(employee screening) or already hired. Also, you have the ability to toggle between the "proficiency" view and "status" view within the incoming hires database - it will help you align your business hiring priorities better.

I am sure you can build more upon this template depending on your business use case. For example, you can go ahead and add another column to the incoming hires database called "salary expectations." It will enable you to make better hiring decisions by bringing employee costs into account as well.