Eisenhower Matrix

If you are a productivity geek, then chances are you already know about the Eisenhower matrix. It is a tool to categorize your tasks and agendas according to their importance and urgency. Now you can use the Eisenhower matrix inside your Notion account with relative ease using this template. It is an ideal fit for working professionals and students alike.


This Notion template makes use of the Eisenhower prioritization technique. It will help you ease your decision-making on day-to-day task prioritization.


This methodology of task management helps you a lot to manage your energy throughout the day and get more things done.

All you need to do is list all your pending and upcoming tasks in the "capture" list. Once you've listed all your pending tasks, you can assign them "important" and "urgent" parameters. The template will then automatically assign your tasks to the four boxes of choices which are "Do now," "Schedule," "Delegate," and "Eliminate."

This template is an ideal fit for anyone looking to bring more clarity to their pending tasks and get things done faster.