Contracting proposal

By Yash Bhardwaj
If you are a freelancer, or a small agency, looking for a quick way to send proposals to new potential clients, this template will come in handy. Using this template, you can show your clients what services you provide at what pricing, recent samples of work, payment terms and instructions, and much more.


Once you duplicate this "contracting proposal" template into your notion account, below is what you are going to find.

The proposal template starts with an objective section. The "objective section" is where you can write down client deliverables. It will help you as a freelancer set the right expectations for the client.

Just under the objective section is the "Scope of Work" section, wherein you can give a brief overview of the services your client is buying to achieve their desired objectives. Again this is a way to be clear on what exactly are the client deliverables.

Next is the "recent work" section, where you can pin your recent work samples or link to them online. It will help your client imagine the quality of work you can deliver.

Below the "recent work," or the portfolio is where you can break down the pricing of services your client is buying. The pricing table comes with three columns which are services, cost, and type. The services and cost are self-explanatory terms, and the "type" of pricing is where you can let the client know how you will be charging them(think weekly/monthly recurring, project-based, etc.)

The above is the "main" part of this proposal template, but what if there are additional services your client hasn't bought that you think can add value to them? It is where the up-sell section comes into the picture. Feel free to add up-sell services or products in this section.

The template ends with a terms and conditions section. Here you can write any or all terms and conditions that you want to reiterate to the client before kickstarting the project.