Content Planning

By Kely Kachimareck
Bloggers, content creators, and entrepreneurs can use this content planning template to keep their content organized. Social media content management, ideas for preparing content, and content schedule are available with this template. You can brain dump any ideas you get into "ideas" and add where you got them from in the "source links".


This content planning notion template helps you organize your ideas for social media platforms, blogs, and others. The template comes with three pages like social media, ideas, and schedule.

Social media and schedule pages are linked with relational databases. "Social media" is linked with "ideas" relation and the schedule page has relations to ideas and social media pages.

The "social media page" allows you to view all the content you have planned/scheduled for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Pinterest, Blog, etc.

Depending on the view you select on the scheduled page, you are able to view the content as a table view, a board view, or a calendar view. The status of the content can be set to scheduled, in progress, and published.