Content Calendar

By Notion Team
Almost every business that lives online nowadays needs to do a lot of content marketing activities. Thanks to this content calendar template in notion, now you can manage your small business's online content production with relative ease.


This Notion template is a simple content calendar wherein you and your marketing team can add and schedule any format of online content. You can assign these content pieces a status which can be an idea, in-progress, in-review or published.

Each content piece gets a designated Notion page, which you can utilize to add reference articles, multi-media, etc., and even write or upload the content itself.

You can view your content calendar by status or by assignee, so you know what stage content is in or who is working on a particular piece of content.

You can even view your content calendar by the deadline or launch date so that you are on top of your marketing game.

Feel free to duplicate this template into Notion and add more details and stuff, that are specific to your business's content marketing.