Class Notes

By Notion Team
This "Class notes" template is an organized way for students to take notes from different classes they attend and keep them stored in one place for reference and reviews. You can categorize your class notes by various subjects, take down notes for each class you attend, and upload study materials.


If you are a student looking for an organized method to take notes from different classes you attend, then you should go for this Notion template.

This note-taking template is a simple Notion database where you can add notes as line items and categorize them by their subjects/classes. Each "note" is a Notion page where you can upload study materials, input texts, and do much more Notion-type activities.

Each note gets automatically dated, so you know when you went through a study material for the first time. In addition, you also can mark checkboxes against "notes" that you have reviewed so that you stay on top of your class discussions and studies.

You can build much more detail upon this single template such as different class timings, examination-related study materials, and so on. Go ahead and duplicate this free template into your Notion account and start playing around with it to see its functionality for yourself.