Bullet Journal Template

A simple template to keep track of your journal entries and also simple lists. Also has template buttons to pre-populate data at the start of a new month, week, or day.


If you are looking to adopt some organization and structure for your journal, bullet journaling has been shown to be the perfect solution. Bullet journaling is a system that provides people with a more concise way of documenting their lives while also maintaining some level of mindfulness and organization in their lives.

This template consists of:

  • Month > Week > Day based journaling system - the pages nested within each other
  • Simple collections feature to keep track of all your lists

You can also manage monthly, weekly, daily goals and tasks.

The template also makes clever use of Template Buttons for you to create new month, week, and day pages (that are pre-populated) with the click of a button.

Bullet Journaling in Notion carries one downside: Notion as of now lacks "icon lists" feature to simulate the real classic bullet journaling experience.