Book Tracker

By Zoe Chew
How many times in the past year you might have said, "I'd like to read this or that book"? But, still, you weren't able to manage to get to it. Thanks to this simple book tracking template, now you can manage to read more books. This template is suitable for anyone since reading is an evergreen productive habit to inculcate.


For us readers, it becomes difficult to keep a mental track of books that we'd like to read. Hence, you should use this "Book Tracker" template to get over the hurdles for reading more.

You can organize your books in 2 clear statuses: "would like to read" and "already read." Further, you can categorize the field, subject, or knowledge department to which a book belongs.

The former feature will help you feel good about the books you have read and keep you motivated on the journey to read more books that are going to be helpful for you. And, the latter is going to help you constructively build parts of your life such as work, personal finances, and so on by reading the right kind of books in the future.

Further, you can take notes and key takeaways from each book on its respective page. It will help you refer back to a book when needed