Blogging Manager

If you run a personal or a business blog, then this "Blogging Manager" template will help you produce new content for your blog much more effectively. It does everything from suggesting the type of blog post you should do to writing your blog posts, optimizing it for the search engines, and promoting it. Let's take a further deep dive into this blogging template under the overview section.


Consistently blogging can be a tough nut to crack, but it will become a smoother journey with this "blogging manager" template.

First off, what you get inside the template is step 1 to a blogging task: Finding the right topic to write on. In step 1, you have ideas about the type of blog posts you can do, such as response, staple, and pillar posts. And, I am sure you can add even more types of blog posts that you'd like to produce. So, feel free to add these in Step 1 of the template.

Next, you get a Notion database, where you can create new pages for each of your blog posts. You need to hit "new blog post," and you're all set to write a new blog post that you want to work on currently. Inside each blog post page, you will also get further guidelines about "how to write" your posts, formatting for SEO, promotion activities, and so on. These guidelines for each of the blogging activities can also be assigned a specific date on the calendar. For example, you want to write the post today, edit and proofread on a different date and promote it on another different date - then that's all possible now.

Step 3 - is where you can collaborate with different people, content managers, and creators to create new blog posts. Lastly, you can see a calendar view of all your blogging activities.

Also, on the right side, you get a "quick links" section wherein you can put additional guidelines and details about your blog posts. Good quick links can be software and design tools you need for blogging, reference articles, your blogging goals, etc.

I think this "blogging manager" has most of the ground covered w.r.t what a blogger needs on a day-to-day basis. But, still, you can build further details upon this template to fine tune it to your needs.