Anabella Spinelli – Resume

By Anabella Spinelli
If you are looking for a neat way to present your resume to employers, then this is the go-to Notion template for it. This resume template covers all the headers present in a traditional paper resume. Duplicate this template to your Notion account and start creating an awesome digital resume for yourself.


The first part of the resume covers your bio and career goals. Then comes your contact info, much like a traditional resume. In the contact info section, you can also link up your mail-to: address and LinkedIn profile(or any other social links.)

Then you have the index section that is a list of all resume headers. Your prospective employers can click on any of these headers, such as work experience, skills, education, articles, etc, to jump directly to that section and refer with ease.

You can then add your work experiences, skills, language you speak, education, etc. in their respective sections. You can further customize these sections for more details.

This template is an ideal fit for anyone working in digital-first or remote jobs, such as marketers, coders, managers, salespeople, and more.