Aesthetics Student Planner

It's an easy-to-use, aesthetically designed study planner for high school students. It provides students with a high-level visual guide on how their semesters are progressing. Each part of a high school student's study life can be neatly organized into courses they are taking, due assignments, study sessions, reading lists, study materials, and more.


It is a school planner template wherein you can divide your study semesters into courses in a gallery database format. Each course page will have details about the courses you are taking, such as teacher(s), timings, and other info.

You can keep detailed track of your study sessions, course resources such as reading lists, assignments, and materials, as well as a semester timetable.

This template is ideal for high school students and university undergrads.

The original template is aesthetically designed using autumn leaf-like colors. And comes with rustic-looking but pleasing stock images for the gallery database of courses, assignments, study sessions, and so on.

You can feel free to get creative and build more features upon this student planner template for your custom needs.