2021 Dashboard

The year 2021 dashboard template is for everyone out there who wants to stick by their new year resolutions and accomplish their yearly goals. It provides a bird' eye view of your annual goals across different life areas like finances, social life, work, business, etc. You will be amazed by the clarity it brings to your life and radars you towards achieving your goals by nudging you in the right direction.


Even if you have started playing with Notion only recently, you'd have come across a few dashboard templates. Such dashboard templates for various use cases such as business operations, marketing, personal finances, and so on are already available online in abundance. Similarly, this "The Year 2021 Dashboard" template is your visual guide to achieving your year-on-year goals.

This dashboard divides your life into areas such as personal finance, social life, work, health, self-improvement, and so on. Then, you can find out what goals you need to achieve in each of those life areas and earmark them. Further, each of those goals can be sub-divided into projects that will help you reach those goals.

The dashboard also helps you toggle to see what projects you need to wind up to achieve your year's goals. It will act as a progress bar for your goal fulfillment.

You can even assign your personal mission statements and "the why's" to each of the goals in which you want to achieve. This will help you move easily through your year and get those things done that matter the most. Using year dashboards like this one can bring concrete clarity to your life and helps you reduce time spent on confusing objectives.

Further, you can build more details upon this dashboard template. For example, I'd like to divide the projects into tasks because some projects may stretch for many weeks and months within a year.