How to Print a Page in Notion?

Notion doesn’t come with inbuilt print functionality. So, it means you can’t print directly from Notion.

But, you can easily print out your Notion page using the print as a webpage feature or export PDF functionality. Along with these, there are also various ways to print Notion pages.

Print Notion as a Webpage

Print Notion as a Webpage

You can make use of Chrome’s inbuilt “Print” functionality.

You can’t use CMD+P as it interferes with the Notion search feature. Go to the Chrome option and print.

There, you can send it directly to your printer or “Save as PDF”.

[👎 As you’ll be printing the entire webpage, if you’re using dark mode, the printed page will be of dark background.]

Export to PDF

Rather than using the Chrome print feature to export to PDF, you can use Notion’s inbuilt feature.

Export to PDF
PDF pages in Notion

In this case, even if I’m using dark mode, the PDF file will be in light mode.

The properties table is visible in the PDF – if you don’t want it you can skip printing the first page and have a title in <h1> written after the properties table.

More control

PDF download options

In order to get more control over the visual aspects of the printed page,

  • Export the Notion Page to HTML and play with some CSS
  • Export the Notion Page as markdown and use markdown editors to print the page.

How to print Notion databases without distortion?

When exporting a database as a PDF for printing, the column width, and visual elements will be distorted.

Print Notion databases without distortion

For this, there’s no straightforward fix.

You may need to export the database to CSV and make use of Google Sheets and beautify the CSV and then print.

By mixing and matching these strategies I’m sure you will be able to effectively print your own Notion pages.