Top 3 Notion Templates for Writers

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably looking for ways to leverage Notion into your writing.

But, how can you use Notion to improve both the craft and the workflow?

Through database and templatization. 

Let me explain.

Let’s say you’re a blogger and you write articles.

You can create a database where you can store all the ideas that come to your mind. 

Then, you can quickly go through the ideas, and whatever excites you most, you can work on that instantly.

The moment you start writing, that is when templatization comes into play.

No matter how different the topic is, each article goes through similar stages, right? 

And, each stage has some similar steps.

Having templates for each article or even each stage will allow you to work more systematically. 

You don’t have to rely on your mood anymore to start writing. You can just click a button and you will know what to do next. 

It also makes sure that you don’t skip any crucial steps.

That’s the power of templates.

Here, you will find some of the best templates that will improve your writing workflow.

Duplicate the one that suits your needs and start working on your passion.

Notion templates for Writers

Blogging Manager

Blogging Manager
💰 Price: $0
If you run a personal or a business blog, then this “Blogging Manager” template will help you produce new content for your blog much more effectively. It does everything from suggesting the type of blog post you should do to writing your blog posts, optimizing it for the search engines, and promoting it. Let’s take a further deep dive into this blogging template under the overview section.
Score 🌟 90%

Second Brain Notion Template

Second Brain Notion Template
👷‍♂️ Creator: Paideia X Praxis
💰 Price: $10
Using this Second Brain Notion template you can increase your creativity and harness your digital intake. A template for the Second Brain methodology was developed by Tiago Forte. (Following the P.A.R.A. system). It is divided into four main database tables: Project, Area, Resources, and Archive. Several auxiliary databases are available, including Knowledge Hub and Notes.
Score 🌟 87%

Content Planning

Content Planning
👷‍♂️ Creator: Kely Kachimareck
💰 Price: $0
Bloggers, content creators, and entrepreneurs can use this content planning template to keep their content organized. Social media content management, ideas for preparing content, and content schedule are available with this template. You can brain dump any ideas you get into “ideas” and add where you got them from in the “source links”.
Score 🌟 85%