Top 3 Notion Bullet Journal Templates

Do you often feel stuck in life or have the feeling that you’re not going anywhere?

Or maybe you want to be more present and keep track of everything that’s important to you.

Either way, you need to start journaling, more specifically Bullet Journaling

You might be thinking, what a Bullet Journal is and why you should even consider that.

Let me explain. 

Bullet Journal is a system of organizing your thoughts, tasks, and everything that happens to you. For this, you don’t have to use any fancy tech. All you need is just a pen and a notebook.

You can learn more about it here.

Unlike traditional journaling, you’re following a system. That is where the power of this method lies.

As you’re following a system on a day-to-day basis, everything you write remains organized. And, you can easily retrieve information even after a long period.

Although Bullet journal is very systematic, it has some drawbacks too. 

Because the original system requires you to use a notebook, you may end up forgetting some information.

That’s when Notion can play a major role. 

You can follow the organizational system of the Bullet Journal and utilize the capabilities database & search option in Notion. Combining these two makes the process more dynamic and effective.

This is the reason I am sharing the top 3 Bullet Journal templates for Notion. 

You can use these templates right away or you can customize them based on your workflow.

So, let’s hop right in— 

Notion Bullet Journal Templates

Mood board

Mood board
💰 Price: $0
Mood boards are a great way to gather inspiration for a project, big or small. This template will allow you to see your mood board in action with different color schemes and layouts.
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Bullet Journal Template

Bullet Journal Template
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A simple template to keep track of your journal entries and also simple lists. Also has template buttons to pre-populate data at the start of a new month, week, or day.
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Notion Decision Journal Template

Notion Decision Journal Template
👷‍♂️ Creator: Tem Nugmanov
💰 Price: $5
Notion Decision Journal helps you and your team make better decisions. Two databases are included in this template – one for personal decisions and one for team decisions. It is possible to filter the pending entries so you can decide which should be followed up on first. In addition, reminders can be set for following up on pending decisions so you will not miss any.
Score 🌟 80%