3 Free Notion Budget Templates

Budgeting is something that everyone must do but very few people are actually doing it.

By doing so, you become more aware of your spending and gain full control of your finances. As a result, you’ll end up saving more than usual.

And like everything else, you can maintain a budget right inside your Notion workspace.

In fact, budgeting in Notion comes with some benefits too. 

Different budgeting analyses can be viewed from different perspectives. You can quickly update any numbers, and even create relations with other databases like buying lists, investments, etc.

Do you already manage your finances in Notion? 

Great! It will give you even more control over your transactions as you can easily see where you’re overspending. 

But, not every Notion template is good though.

You can obviously create a simple Notion page for budgeting. But to make the most out of it, you need to use a well-thought budgeting template. 

The template should utilize various formulas to give you more insights. Like, showing how much to invest, the current state of the budget, or even how much you’ve already spent. 

It would be better if the template allowed you to create relations or rollups between databases.

Let’s say you’re running a business. So, you probably have a database to track your expenditures. If you can link this one with the budgeting template, you can easily see if you’re operating within the budget. 

The templates will be more powerful if they utilize the power of the rollups feature. This way, you will be able to add data from other tables (investments, purchases, departments, etc.)

You should always remember, a budgeting template shouldn’t work against your workflow. 

It should be developed in a way that allows you to make better financial decisions.

This post has some good Notion budgeting templates that I love. You can easily incorporate any of them into your current workflow.

Notion Budget Templates

Budgeting Template

Budgeting Template
💰 Price: $0
Keeping track of your monthly expenses is a good idea. This budgeting tracker helps you to keep an eye on your inflow and outflow of the budget and the transactions you made. There is an inline transactions table that lists the transactions you made in relation to the category, together with the date on which the transaction took place, and descriptions of the transactions.
Score 🌟 92%

Personal finances

Personal finances
👷‍♂️ Creator: Jake Belford
💰 Price: $0
This finances template includes a categorized Kanban board of expenses, debts, and bills, as well as an Income and Expense Calendar, so you can keep track of your money coming in and going out. You can start with List view, store that elsewhere to easily duplicate from month → month.
Score 🌟 89%

Personal Budget

Personal Budget
💰 Price: $0
With this template, you’ll have a personal budget planner inside Notion for everything under the sun. Feel free to delete any items that do not relate to your situation.
Score 🌟 87%