Are you looking for a Notion consultant? Well, I’ve got you covered.

Remote work is here to stay.

Embrace it or left behind.

The need for a well-designed online workspace is imperative to take team productivity to a new level.

If you approach Notion as you do with Evernote, the structure you build will be suboptimal. You need to approach Notion design with systems thinking in mind as you’ll be building a system vs. operating inside a rigid system (like you do with Evernote or Clickup)

I leverage my 7+ years of running productive online businesses, to empower businesses with strategic digital environmental design powered by

My approach

  1. Discovery: I’ll have a thorough discovery call to understand your business and help you set right expectations at the macro level. This stage will help you get a 5000-foot view of the possibilities you unlock.
  2. Inputs: I’ll be getting all the relevant information and organizing them. Some of the resources we gather include files, contacts, editorial plans, events and announcements, news, etc.
  3. Design: Now, centralize all the information gathered will be structurized making use of best practices from organizational frameworks like PPV and PARA for friction-free workflows that aligns with your collective team psyche.
  4. Train: I’ll be hands-on explaining the system we’ve built to the key decision makers or also the team members.
  5. Optimize (ongoing partnership): I’ll be scheduling weekly or hourly calls to make sure that bottlenecks in your workflow are identified and aim of continous improvement (Kaizen). This includes tweaks to the system, cleanup, audits, and recommendations.

Let me keep this write-up brief. Let me first hear about your business.

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